manifest miracles

Create the Life You Want

Living the Ordinary Life in An Extraordinary Way with Consciousness Technology

Format: Audio MP3s & Video MP4s 

Join Sandra on a journey through the Quantum Field.  Learn about yourself and the nature of consciousness.  Learn how to recognise what frequency you are vibrating into the Universal Soup and change this.  Learn to Activate transformation for yourself and in your through simple tools that can be used every day.  Understand Ascension Symptoms and release stress during this time of change.


The frequency enhanced meditations and activations will get you into the space of feeling Light.  Ancient prayer meditation that will call in swift manifestation.  Integrate your multidimensional Self.  Join with the Divine and surrender your cares to a Greater Force whilst maintaining your sovereignty.  Learn how to connect when your manifestation process seems to not be working

Learn Quantum Alchemy for Transforming
Yourself & Your Life

This e-course can fast track your Ascension process so that you can create and LIVE IN the 5D Frequencies and transcend the limitations that have been placed upon you in this 3D ‘reality’ Matrix.


Release your fears that the Ascension has to be undergone in a certain way and get ready to break the rules and do it YOUR WAY!


Learn practical Quantum tools to accelerate your Ascension Process and together with Your Crew Of Light manifest a more joyful life here and now in this 3D reality Matrix and bring in the 5D to shine The Light.


Understand Ascension Symptoms and how to relieve your stresses during The Awakening.  Humanity is undergoing great changes and you are changing Multidimensionally!


e-course price €199  NOW ONLY €99

“Quantum transformations dynamically opens up new possibility, presents opportunity for change, relieves emotional, mental and physical pain.”