“I just wanted to tell you that I received a substantial pay rise today. I’m kind of laughing as it holds little value, when I thought it would. The real reason I wanted to email you is to share how I felt- I felt truly happy for the first time. I felt real or the real me. I was really sad and emotional to leave Bali, and didn’t know what I felt, I was a little mess. I got back to Melbourne, and realised I felt genuinely lucky and at peace, and can start again or anything can happen. I was genuinely light, it was such an honour to feel that. Thank you for being selfless and helping, not just me , but people, with no judgement and positiveness. The high/light is slipping away, a little every day, but I will never let it leave me, and the positive impact it gave me. I can’t wait to see you in Feb, I want to come back…”

Dianne Grgat

“I keep meaning to write to you to let you know how coming over there and putting all that healthy food into my body for that week, taught me about just how good I can feel all of the time. I have followed on with a much healthier way of living than what I had before I came, and feel that the time I spent in Bali, and what I learnt from you, was one of the best investments into my health and well being I have made, and I thank you for that.

Like you kept telling me, my taste buds will change. And for a girl that craved chocolate on a daily to twice daily basis, to now being someone who hasn’t had it for weeks, I still can’t believe it and I can’t believe how my body is not getting as run down as it usually does with all the shift work I do! I could never find the time for exercise, and now, on a very regular basis, I am making time for it and feeling fantastic. I now I must sound like a raving idiot, but I am amazed at the changes I have been able to make as a result of your guidance. So keep up the good work and a big thanks to you.”

Michelle Hoskin

“My session is still fresh in my mind and it seemed like it was completed on the spot; healing sessions sometimes take time to integrate, but in this case, it was instant. Sandra did a reading and a clearing with me. In the reading, she was able to give me really specific information that she could have not known from the information I gave to her. For example, she knew that I had something by the front door for protection (I have a charged crystal in my front window, next to the door) and she spoke of “reaction vs. response.” I had written those exact words in an email the previous day! I completely trusted everything that she said because she was so spot on. She told me that my guides had put protection all around me, which is so comforting because I feel vulnerable at home; she also told me that I am going to be moving within the year and I squeaked with joy! Her words have given me great comfort, and as a result, strength and confidence. Sandra also did a clearing on me about my self-worth and the way I compare myself to others. Since then, I have found myself saying (from my place of truth) that I rock! I have never embraced my awesomeness before! Finally, I found Sandra to be really sweet, approachable, down-to-earth, funny and kind. Thank you Sandra for your profound and valuable work!”


“A woman had put a curse on me and I could feel my spirit leaving my body and being taken by dark entities. I was desperate and terrified as I could feel my Spirit being drawn out of my body and I was losing energy daily. I had a total personality change and my husband finally took me to see Sandra. I could literally feel the entities leaving as she removed the curse and the darkness within minutes. My husband asked me to write and let Sandra know that he is so grateful for having his wife back. I am myself again, my spirit is no longer being pulled out of my body. I cannot thank her enough for removing the darkness and giving me myself back again.”

Manji (Bali)

“It’s been a year. We met at Desa Seni, I came with my three children & my husband from Belgium. We had meditation & EFT session together. You really changed my life. Things have never been so beautiful since then. All my anxiety related to my “body & mind split” & to the “disappearance of my kids” just flew away as it’s never been part of me. You really are part of my rebirth & I want you to know it and to thank you for this wonderful transformation.”

Sandrine Jacobs-Deleuze

“After years of being lost, confused, angry, severe bouts of depression and anxiety I realised I needed to do something serious to make a change in my life. I had had many years of being treated with traditional psychologists and counsellors but, had yet to help me to move on and heal myself from my past problems and issues.

I was lucky enough to find Sandra after searching for many hours online various health and wellness retreats. I was instantly attracted to the combination of traditional methods of counseling combined with energy healing, psychic readings , meditation and coaching that Sandra uses in her retreats and in her sessions.

From the minute I arrived at the retreat to the minute I left everything was taken care of. I really couldn’t fault the retreat or Sandra if I tried. The most important part was the healing, and all of the one on one time spent with Sandra to really get to the bottom of my problems and issues that wern’t allowing me to move forward in my life, and live the fulfilling life I deserve.

It’s not until I returned home that magic and healing really started to take place. I have now learned and been given the skills and tools to keep, and help me to manage day to day life. I have kept in contact with Sandra to keep growing and learning about myself. I am at a point in my life, a year later returning to the retreat again almost a completely changed person… The lost, confused person is almost a watery figure of my imagination. I now see the strong, happy, completely fulfilled person that stands in front of me. Sandra has changed my life in a way that I never thought possible. Sandra gave me the tools to open my mind and soul in a way where it sings it’s own song, everyday filled with happiness and joy I never thought was possible.

Everyone has their own story and journey, this is mine, and I feel like my life is beginning all over again. Eternal gratitude.”


“Every now and then you meet at someone with mystic eyes and you just “know they know.” Sandra is one of those people. I first went to see Sandra because everyone I know was raving about how wonderful she is, and now I’m with them singing her praises. It’s impossible to put into words the Magic of Sandra. So I will simply promise you that Sandra is a gift you will not regret giving to yourself.”

Nicole Kunz

“The work and tools that you taught me has more than helped…I really haven’t encountered many fear, doubts or negative thoughts in regards to being home! Other than the minor breakdown when I’m trying to find clothes to wear! Lol To be fully honest, I have actually noticed I haven’t had any want or urge to actually see many people whatsoever! I find myself having a difficult time attempting to plan or sign any form of contract as I truly feel I want to move forward and the feeling of being ‘trapped’ here is overwhelming! So I am taking it one day at a time, still doing yoga, and following the fast metabolism diet. I am so grateful for having you in my life and all the incredible time we spent together ;)”


“I just finished the last audio in your course and just wanted to check in to say thank you. Many *miraculous* transformations arrived during it. I thought it might be fun for you to hear about them:
1. I am in grad school, totally broke, and was unsure of how I was going to pay for the next semester. My school randomly called and said I had a $2,000 credit – just enough to pay for next semester. !!!

2. I have been experiencing a lot of tension at work, feeling like I was in a private dictatorship. This older couple that I barely know called me at work. Again, totally out of the blue. Apparently they are wealthy and own a lot of property. They asked me to start a business in a downtown building they have restored. ?!?! They offered to lower rent and purchase equipment upfront to help me out. Like I said, we barely know each other.

-It all makes sense because I had been asking how I could work as a healer before getting a degree. I decided to open a holistic apothecary with my partner and host weekly meditations, etc. When I was spreading the news, someone told me that way back when, there used to be a pharmacy/doctor practice in that same building. ! Your course has helped me be more grateful and receptive.
Thank you for sharing your tools.”


“Thank you so much Sandra for such a fantastic time! It really excelled my
expectations. The detox programme was gentle but affective! Please thank your chief’s, the food was so tasty and fresh. The massages and aqua Pilates were fantastic and I can really feel the benefits, in fact I bought the aqua equipment and now do it at the local swimming pool!

Not only did you address the physical, the time we spent with you and your
friends have really given Jess and I a positive mind and spiritual
experience. We haven’t looked back since!

You were the perfect support and host, nothing was too much trouble (Jess
loves her hair extensions so much! The accommodation was the unbelievable! You have given us the best holiday ever, thank you and I’m really looking forward to returning.”


“I’ve been very happy since I had my sessions with you. Everything in my life have turn so positive and I feel blessed everyday for being alive and for the happiness that I feel. I started advanced photography and I’m doing very very well, since I came back I’ve been cooking at home and really healthy that I feel so much better now , my boyfriend only wants to eat my food. I always make a prayer and put a lot of good intentions in my cooking I follow your list and now is natural I really love this feeling. I do EFT when I need it and physically even exercising I have more strength I am taking everything easy and also absorbing and digesting everyday of my life. I have a big smile in my face I feel like sharing with the whole world this feeling the only way I can do it is keeping my energy balanced and always go back to the steps that we talked when I feel week. Even my boyfriend have changed so much he doesn’t know what to do to please me he feels so grateful to have me. I’m leaving next week to paris and then to Ibiza I feel excited, I will visit my sister planning around the 8 of July for 5 days. I have to say no nail bitting I removed the extensions I have my own nails so proud and beautiful. Sandra you are the greatest. Admire you hope you are doing great and will see you soon in Bali.


“YOU… are Rocking My World Sandra. I look forward to more and more relationship and powerful work together. Thank you Eram Saeed for such a kind introduction to this amazing healer and new friend, For ANYONE reading this… I was introduced last night by Skype – with a critical, truly urgent back pain- and I am feeling 100% better. Yes, you read that right – truly grateful, 100% better. This is love.”

Lisa Marie

“With great honour, I have received a deep Quantum-Transformations, transformative clearing/ healing and entity removal session from my dear Sandra. Her progressive energy-technique has helped untangling subconscious attachments and brought some karmic imprints into full transmutation and integration with my core truth. The powerful application of this release has created a subconscious healing field that functions as subliminal self-healing empowerment program that progressively imbeds within my template to heal the distortion of shadow attachments. Gentle yet very potent work which I’m very grateful for.”


“I have had the sweet pleasure to meet again the embodied incarnate of a being I’m long connected to beyond this round of life. Sandra has helped me to step into my Reiki Mastery so beautifully adding to it the ancient sparks of her own wisdom. She has also given me a brilliant heart-opening psychic reading that rekindled my heart with faith in the endless possibilities of the present, guiding me through my darkest night into the brilliant lights of my own self-knowing. Her help never stops when the clock ticks and the session ends, her invigorating in-sights and compassion vibrate in your heart and being long after you leave, grounding and elevating you through their own intelligent fractal nature. This ancient woman is awake and aware, big yet humble, serious yet light in all her many witty ways, she’s sovereign and authentic, she bows to no icons, only to the sweet clear song of her deep rooted connection and direct cognition with the multidimensionality of her consciousness.”

Hoda Fadel

“To fully describe what is so special about Sandra and the work she does is much like trying to describe the indescribable. Her ability to create inner transformation and healing is remarkable.
Sandra, herself, embodies an unconditionally kind and gentle spirit that emanates beyond her to fill the space that she occupies. The audio sessions are infused with such powerful and transformative energy. Whenever I am going through intense transitional periods or disrupts, I play Sandra’s audio clearing sessions and things seems to instantly shift… Her voice has become a go-to mediation for me…

Although the clearing audios effectively clears blocks and promotes inner peace, Sandra is the catalyst to that endpoint with holding the space for healing. Sandra is committed to higher levels of understanding. She is soft spoken, loving, intelligent and often very funny. Just sharing a laugh with Sandra washes away the anxiety. Sandra is articulate and an excellent communicator with a truly gifted ability to spiritually guide others through clearing & meditation. Sandra is fully present whenever I receive personal sessions and somehow time magically stops as we do personal one on one sessions. Sandra has helped me facilitate pivotal turning points in my life and I highly recommend her clearing workshops.”

Jessie Hill

“I began working with Sandra St. Yves in February 2013. In March of 2012, I was diagnosed was advanced Uterine Cancer Stage 3C2, which had aggressively spread and metasicized to Lymphoma. I spent over a year of my life in treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. I was extremely fortunate enough to be able to be treated by some of the best and most profound doctors in Western Medicine. I officially beat Cancer in February 2013. At that time, I also wanted to expand the course of treatments to encompass aspects of Integrative Medicine as well. I wanted to build a team of professionals that were the best in their fields that would assist me in transforming and evolving into my cancer free life.

With that being said, I met Sandra the week after I had gone into official remission from Cancer. My initial session with her was ground breaking. We continued to work through my recovery from chemotherapy and the various levels of emotional trauma experienced from a life-changing event such as Cancer. She has helped heal the emotional wounds and scarage of a life filled with cancer and helped me transform into an individual that I did not even know existed within me.

Out of all of my doctors and therapists, Sandra is one of the most prolific and talented individuals I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. She has an amazing gift that surpasses time and place. She seamlessly brings together the world of academia and western medicine combined with aspects of integrative and holistic medicines. I am blessed beyond words to have her in my life.”

Joanne L. Krakowski

“Of course no surprises, I’ve been flat out back at work, but am happy to say that I have been feeling a lot more energetic and a lot more positive. The holiday was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. So a big big thank you for organising my stay in bali. I got back fine, the flights worked out perfectly, all that worry for nothing!! Hope all is well for you and you’ve had a nice week. You were right, my taste buds changed big time, I’ve had more salads this week than I have my whole life. I keep craving them. The next step is to buy myself a juicer. Would love it if you could send me the home program sometime, need all the help I can get. So you take care of yourself, so nice to meet you and hope one day to cross paths again. “


“EVERYONE will benefit in unforeseen ways by being in her company and experiencing her magic. Her intuition and intellect are out of the ordinary! Her “tarot readings” are phenomenal. The way she simply removes stubborn energy blocks and limiting beliefs is extraordinary. On the physical level, I had a sharp pain that would appear each day for months; in an INSTANT it was completely gone with one touch for less than a minute! And, it’s important to note that it hasn’t returned in months 🙂 I’m happy to let everyone know that her healing is POWERFUL… Sandra’s inspiration and practical – a rare combination. I highly recommended her… and enthusiastically encourage you to have her treat you and, as soon as you can, be in her presence! Thank goodness I come to know her well and love her even more.”

Kim Serafini

“It was such a pleasure having a session from Sandra while on retreat in Bali.  She is insightful, gentle, loving and present like a tuning fork as she reads energy and emotional patterns with accurate awareness.  I found my session extremely helpful.”

Kristine Carlson

“I met Sandra last summer, she has helped so much in the process of discovering my spiritual side, of which I had no clue of the existence. Since I have met her, I have changed my way of considering reality, from a typical engineer rationalistic one, to a more driven-by-sensitivity one, appreciating and contemplating an emotive sphere who I had always ignored before, even subconsciously feeling that it was there. She helped also to clarify what is my potential and how I can help people. She has revealed things about my soul as she actually opened my eyes to see what I was ignoring. Definitely a deep and beautiful life changing experience. I am definitely thankful to her.”