Personal Development

You already hold the answer within YOU and

I can help you to uncover and live It!

do you feel that there is definitely something
more to life, but don't know what it is
or how to get it?

Do you want to feel the freedom to be and live who you are at the very core of your being?


Are you prepared to fully experience living in The Field of All Possibility?


if you answered ‘yes’ to the above,

then this may be the answer for you…


Combining practical spirituality with quantum science and psychology, allow Sandra to take the best from all worlds, with real tools and strategies that will clear the debris from your life and make the journey smoother.


Sandra can help you to uncover and express exactly who you have come to be on this Earth, here and now,

YOU already hold the key to living the greatest life you can, whatever that is to YOU.

why choose Sandra as your coach?

You and I, and all that lives is a part of the shift that is happening.

YOU have a choice, to follow the paths that others have paved, or you can choose to follow your own path, your personal truth and blaze a trail of your own.


Personally, I choose to follow my heart and listen to the messages from my soul;

the more I do this, the more comes to me…

this is the revolution of consciousness that we are all being called to join!


My love is to empower others to do this for themselves too,

and I look forward to you joining me on this amazing journey!

I’ll hold your hand and clear the way, until you feel confident to make the journey



120€ 60 minute session

Identification of your soul purpose and what you hold in your morphogenetic field

Clearing the blocks to your success in health, relationships, business, money

The rewards of feeling confident to be authentically who you are

Structure and intention

that bring results

Love for self

and love for Life

The rewards of living

life on your own terms

Strategies that work

Conscious co-creation

On-going support

“Coaching is about Self-Empowerment giving you tools and strategies that set you on the path to realising the life you choose to compose so that you dance through life rather than dragging your feet.”