Sandra StYves

Bio BSc. DipCH. DipPC. CEd. CTCS. CFET. Sensei Usui Tibetan Reiki, Transformation Meditation Teacher

Recognised Internationally as a Master of embodied Consciousness Technology Sandra is a Quantum Pioneer, Psychic Guide, Intuitive Coach, Powerful Channel of High Vibrational Energy, Spiritual Alchemist, and Consciousness Leader. Sandra is known as a Mystic, Shaman, Direct Channel, Intuitive Guide, Psychic Tarot reader, Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Founder of Quantum-Transformations and much more! She has worked beside Islamic Mystics, shamans and Balinese Priestess to hone her skills and remove the darkness and bring in the light. With a wide range of clients from A list celebrities and corporate leaders to, sensitives, healers and Light Workers, Sandra embodies the ability to give clear guidance and make swift and life changing transformations through the Quantum Field. Sandra has a mainstream background in Psychology and Counselling, and has over 30 years of metaphysical and psychological experience, co-creating with Guides, Angels and Masters of Consciousness Sandra integrates her channeled information with different modalities, working multidimensionally to encompass a holistic approach. Her knowledge includes Quantum Touch, Matrix, Access Bars, EFT, Tarot, Essential Oil essences, Crystal essences, Transformational Meditation, teaching Reiki and more. Read more…

I’ve never been a follower…


I value the freedom to BE and to express who I am moment to moment above all else.


I also value the Freedom of others to be and express who they are.


I facilitate others to clear the way for more of what they want in lives and to fully activate and express their True Authentic Being


I am a channel of higher consciousness which brings the transformation that YOU require in YOUR unique being.


living in the alchemical world of quantum physics….


I play in the quantum fields of energetics, vibration and frequency and am able to consciously change these fields for others to experience their own unique transformation and awakening that expands into all areas of their lives. This can be on a physical level from the body to business, or on the mental and emotional level to relationship to self and other.

It is an amazing feeling to see someone with tired eyes leave my practice vibrant and clear knowing that what they require is all here for them NOW.



I also play with guides and beautiful beings of light that enter with people who come for guidance and transformation. These beings of consciousness are there to facilitate the transmutation of consciousness for their mentees.

I watch them surround my clients with love and literally with light. I feel blessed to have such experience in my life and in my ‘work’, for how can I call this work?

Sandra x

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