Evolving Beyond Reiki Retreat Ibiza Spain

Expand your consciousness, strengthen your mind and free your Spirit

​18 - 25 May 2019 / 1- 8 June 2019 / 1 -7 August 2019

Become a certified Tibetan-Usui Reiki Master and Practitioner in the heart of the Ibiza countryside

Connect with your multidimensional self and effect profound healing breakthroughs and life changes. Learn to consciously affect the quantum world and manifest deep and lasting transformation.

I offer this Reiki Master Retreat and workshop for people who want to take the next step on their journey to self-discovery, spiritual development, healing and wholeness. I offer you Quantum-Reiki Master practitioner certification and weave this into the Quantum World of the metaphysical arts in a way that will connect you with YOUR gifts and ability to transform energy for yourself and for others, whilst developing a greater understanding of how to co-create within the Fabric of Life.

I break the boundaries of conventional wisdom about Reiki and invite you to become empowered in your own way because you have decided that is how you want to do it. Together we will facilitate and integrate the use of Reiki into your own personal empowerment program.

This Retreat focuses on you understanding and experiencing being a multidimensional being, so we will be travelling beyond Mind, Body Spirit and diving into the quantum field and your Living Chakra System.

You will learn traditional techniques alongside new paradigm quantum tools, whilst experiencing your own breakthroughs, healing and the unique gifts that you bring to this world.

Reiki is used, not as a rigid system, but to access Divine Consciousness to effect healing all levels of your being. We will be using Reiki as a key to access this Divine Energy and to heal ourselves, others and Life. My wish for you is to leave feeling calmly energized, empowered, refreshed and knowing that the power is within you to transform yourself and to live life the way you choose.

You will realize the potential of your own divine energy that can be unlocked for healing yourself and others. Reiki practice can be utilized to bring shifts in your life you may not have previously thought possible and you can do this in your own, personal way.

Accessing the Quantum brings numerous miraculous benefits to living a life that is truly extraordinary.


Retreat Programme


· Reiki Degree I

· Reiki Degree II

· Masters Programme integrating Usui and Tibetan Reiki into the quantum world of instantaneous affect

· The science of energy, vibration, frequency and morphic fields of experience and how these are lines of manifestation.

· Clearing of through ancestral lines, personal time lines, DNA strands to make space for your Higher Self to descend and be experienced

· Self-treatment

· Attunement to embody your Higher Self and align with your Over Soul

· Treating others including animals and plants

· Treating Life situations to manifest change

· How to manifest change in all areas of life by activating the spiraling vortex of the Quantum field

· Breathwork and meditation

· Energy Sensing

· Your personal intuition system

· Kinesiology (body testing)

· Aura reading

· Use of crystals to enhance practice

· Creating Sacred Space

· Best practice as a practitioner

· Attuning others as a Reiki Teacher


What is included


· 6 Night stay at Can Sa Roca in Ibiza (www.cansaroca.com)

· Breakfast and lunch included.

· Learning and teaching manuals for Degree I, Degree II, Reiki Masters. Please note these can be used for your own students if you choose to move forwards with teaching.

· One-on-one Skype or phone coaching session

· 90 minute Guidelines for Best Practice webinar

· Countryside and Sea views

· 6 lunch and 6 dinner

· 5-day immersions and experiential orientations

· Swimming Pool

· Contemplative outside areas

· 5 minutes to restaurants and beaches

There will be free time to enjoy the pool and environment, shopping & exploring the island


Cost / Booking

Single occupancy : Euro 2500

Double occupancy : Euro 2200


Early bird discount

Single occupancy : Euro 2250

Double occupancy : Euro 2000

Reiki Retreat

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Please review our cancellation policy below before registering.

50% course occupancy required

100% refund if course is cancelled

50% deposit upon booking


59-30 days before 10% cost of course retained

30-15 days before 20% cost of course retained

Cancellation 14 days prior to event no refunds

Full payment required 7 days before course begins

Recognised Internationally as a Master of embodied Consciousness Technology Sandra is a Quantum Pioneer, Psychic Guide, Intuitive Coach, Powerful Channel of High Vibrational Energy, Spiritual Alchemist, and Consciousness Leader. 

Sandra is known as a Mystic, Shaman, Direct Channel, Intuitive Guide, Psychic Tarot reader, Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Founder of Quantum-Transformations and much more!


She has worked beside Islamic Mystics, shamans and Balinese Priestess to hone her skills and remove the darkness and bring in the light.


With a wide range of clients from A list celebrities and corporate leaders to, sensitives, healers and Light Workers, Sandra embodies the ability to give clear guidance and make swift and life changing transformations through the Quantum Field.


Sandra has a mainstream background in Psychology and Counselling, and has over 30 years of metaphysical and psychological experience, co-creating with Guides, Angels and Masters of Consciousness Sandra integrates her channeled information with different modalities, working multidimensionally to encompass a holistic approach.  Her knowledge includes Quantum Touch, Matrix, Access Bars, EFT, Tarot, Essential Oil essences, Crystal essences, Transformational Meditation, teaching Reiki and more.