There is nothing wrong with you

Many people on the ‘spiritual’ path or on the path of ‘self-development’ are feeling pushed to achieve something that they already are. Many proponents of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation suggest that you have to do something in order to ‘get’ spirituality and in order to attract to you what you want in your life. The truth is that you are a spirit inhabiting a physical body and you are already what you want, you already contain within you the seeds of all that you are, have been and will ever be. You are a part of the God Force, you are a co-creator in this dance of life. And the more you try to attract to yourself something you believe is OUTSIDE of yourself the more elusive it becomes.

In order to experience something we are required to BECOME it and becoming is an INSIDE job. It is that simple. You already hold the becoming within you, in fact you do not even need to become but to put it another way you need to expand into all that you are here and now.

When you do this you will find that life will present the next steps to you, your own Soul will guide you along the path and bring what you need to you. Why? Because you are resonating with growth and expansion that you are already holding within yourself.

When you plant a seed in the ground the seed already holds within it all that it requires in order to become the tree, the plant, the flower or whatever. It does not need to change anything because it already holds the more expansive version of itself inside its tiny form. It is already the flower, the plant, the tree. It just needs to be watered and given the space to expand into what it already is. It does not question whether it can grow, or whether it is a flower when it really wants to be a tree. It already knows in its state of Being-ness what it is. You are the same as the seed. You already hold all that you need in order to live what you hold inside of yourself. All you need to do is to water the ground and give yourself the space for expansion and growth and all that you are here to experience will unfold.

And there are stages to growth, it is cyclic and expanding and never ending and there is no imperfection. Think of the cherry tree, the fruit grows, the seed becomes exposed to the earth as the fruit decays and is no longer relevant. But the fruit must decay in order to expose the new seed. The seed grows, it becomes a sapling and bends to the winds of change around it, yet it grows stronger and stronger. Then eventually it gets to the state where it blossoms, and the blossoms are beautiful, magical and fragile, yet their fragility holds the genesis of the fruit within the centre of the blossom. And the blossom falls and the fruit grows and expands. And we enjoy the fruits, and new seeds are exposed, and so the cycle of life continues.

Give yourself a break! Be kind to yourself. Like the cherry tree there is purpose, and there is no imperfection in your life. Give to yourself the same compassion and love you give to your best friend. Treat yourself kindly and allow yourself to expand and grow into who you already are. If you do this you will find that your colours will be clear and shine just like the rainbow.

Love Sandra xx

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