Sometimes we need a helping hand

It is said that we are creators of our reality and I certainly agree with this. I know that what is in held within our morphogenetic field acts as a magnet pulling that which is in resonance to what is held within towards us. Beliefs that are held within our field at the core of our being make up our individual morphogentic field and attracts to us situations, people, events, levels of finance and health into our experience that are basically on the same wavelength. Nowadays it is popular to call this our “levels of Abundance”.

Transformational leaders, spiritual teachers and coaches would also say that this is true. We ask that you look within, read the messages that are held in your heart, read the messages that are being reflected back to you from what appears to be outside yourself, as these are the reflections of the self that are guiding you to look at what requires to be acknowledged, and in this acknowledgement to release and let go of past pains, resentments and open wounds.

But I also believe that we are co-creators in our collective reality, and yes the co-creation comes from what we attract and magnatise into our field of experience. But we are basically social creatures. We feel better when we are loved, we feel more whole when there is other there to reflect back to us that we are supported and cared for and to let us know that we are not alone.

We cannot say with a black and white attitude that the old lady down the street who rarely goes out has created her reality on her own. Or that the homeless person lying on cardboard in the snow has created the reality alone. If what we experience is a reflection of our core beliefs then we are also reflecting back to others what is held within them. And although we speak about limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, negative thoughts, everybody also holds the opposite within them. They hold thoughts of desire and passion, emotions of happiness and joy, thoughts of life improving. And we can just as easily make a choice to reflect back to them those aspects of themselves rather than the opposite. We are co-creating with them.

So I ask today that we reflect something back to a stranger, something that reminds them of the greater qualities within the human race and within themselves.

I ask today that we all give something to a stranger, it is free, it is simple, it is priceless. It is A SMILE!

Whether it is the homeless person on the street, the person serving you at the checkout counter, the boss or the shy work colleague, or even someone who cut you up in the traffic. Reflect back to them the best of who they are and who they can be. Reflect back to them the connection of all of us.

Connect with eyes, give a smile, let them know that they are not alone and that we are all co-creators in this collective community we call the Human Race.

As always with love xxx

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