Mastering Mastery

Now for those that know me well, you know that I am not a patient soul at the best of times, I love instantaneous manifestation, quick miracles and rapid transformations, this is why so many people come to me, I have mastered the art of rapid shifts and manifested miracles. I believe in these changing times all of this, and more, is available to all of us if we just decide to practice the art of living that way.

For me I love to play in the quantum field of consciousness technology and see my life manifest itself in a graceful flow of miracle and mirth. Yet lately this has been happening less and less on a personal level. Except for the times when someone walks through my door requiring assistance or calls me over the internet for help when I can again feel my True Self emerge from slumber. I feel myself being lulled to sleep on this Ibizian island. I ask myself now, has the world changed or have I?

As you all know, I moved from my Beloved Bali 18 months ago and came to live in Ibiza in Spain. A strange little island, a bit like a dusty green desert, not too big, yet a lot of space somehow. I travelled from one extreme to another. From lush green lands pulsating with magic and mystery, both dark and light, to a dry kind of green that is so quiet you can hear yourself breath. Sleepy is not enough of a word for the island, as an air of slumber hangs in the ethers on most days whether you are meditating, shopping or clubbing, sleepy is how it feels. I guess part of the change that I am currently feeling is the lull that hangs over the island like a baby’s blanket. It kind of lacks vitality and in that lack I feel as though I am lacking vitality also.

Now I am not slamming Ibiza, she has her moments and by all accounts has her magical history and places, and I am grateful for all I receive here. Yet somehow the quiet humility of the island drains my vitality and so I often feel as though I am traversing or avoiding going through yet another rite of passage or dark night of the soul.

I love vibrancy, life, magic flying through the air and hot humidity that lets me know that I am still alive. I love friends I can share the nature of the cosmos with in all her multidimensional glory and they know what I am talking about and experiencing because they are also experiencing in similar ways. Without judgement and without competition rather with love and compassion.

Now, I know it is the inner world that manifests the outer reality, and the outer reality moulds itself in part to encompass the inner world and reflect back the inner perception. I too have lived by the mantra that ‘change inside equals change outside’. Now for the conundrum! I have changed so much over the past 18 months, internally and externally, that the “Inner Me” is not so sure of what comes first, the chicken or the egg! Has my reality changed because I have changed internally, or have I changed because the external reality has changed? I know I brought myself with me when I moved… most of me at least!

On contemplating the nature of who and what I have become, for the moment at least, as all we can experience is in the moment … I realise that I have become the embodiment of all that I have experienced, lived and worked with over the decades. What I have talked about is who I am, what I have experienced has permeated my being, the dimensions I have played in have all conjoined to become an embodied multidimensional being who sits here looking as I usually do yet often has no thought or feeling and cannot fully explain the transition that is occurring. It is as if the core of my being has shifted somehow and causing me to realign what I thought I wanted, and even more disturbing, who I am.

The blessing of this time in Ibiza has been, so far at least, to allow me to stop for a moment and get into the 3rd dimensional reality rather than living the multidimensionality that I usually live, and to contemplate for a moment whether this particular Master has something else she now needs to master.

And I guess that I do! I am a guide for others, I pave the path that people will then tread, and doing such a service has necessitated at times taking the time to stop and contemplate and allow the embodiment of another aspect of myself to emerge whilst obsolete aspects can fall away or be integrated into a different constellation somehow. I feel this is what is happening to me at the moment, and to others who are going through similar experience during these shifting times.

I have long said that the most important Mastery is the mastery of the Self. And this is where I am sitting at the moment. Mastery of this self, outside of Bali and inside Ibiza. Integrating the new land, the new people, the solitude and realigning to the new direction. I have an innate feeling that after this particular period of realignment and integration there will be something that has been mastered within myself that will accentuate my work with others in a explainable profound way. What it is I as yet cannot tell you, it is but a gentle feeling nudging me to be still for the moment whilst the reconfiguration occurs, and to nurture myself as never before, for the master needs now to wash her own feet and sit at the step of her own mastery of self.

Now is the time, we are all being called to do the same, or something similar. So take the time to rest, reintegrate, adjust and master your Self.

With love as always from my heart to yours


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