Living the Dream

Having entered the new world of internet marketing, manifestation and abundance I must admit that there I am questioning myself in terms of my own integrity and authenticity. You see, I know that we are here to manifest what we choose to create in our lives, the ‘good’ and the ‘not so good’. I know from living my truth and following my hearts guidance, that life really does come to you when you let go and trust in the process of synchronicity, heart and listening to the messages that life is bringing us every moment of every day. But I also know that it took a lot of life circumstances, lessons and learning, in order to get to the place that I am now in. And of course I am still learning, I am also a student of life.

I listen daily to different transformational teachers who talk on the art of effortless manifestation and abundance, I like to begin my day feeling motivated and inspired you see. And I am here to admit that I am one of those teachers. But, I have questioned my integrity within this, as it is not always so effortless until we have cleared some of the debris from our past ‘perceived’ mistakes, limiting beliefs and habitual behaviours. Then yes, it does become effortless. I believe that we teachers need to speak about what often will happen when someone begins to throw off the chains and embark on the journey of authenticity and Soul.

So what does happen when someone decides to embark on a journey of self-development and authenticity of Soul? Does life miraculously become easy? Does everything effortlessly appear such as enlarged bank accounts and instant health? Sometimes yes! But, more often than not what happens is that all the debris from the past has a tendency to come up to be cleared and healed. So quite often when we think we are going to get an easier ride, temporarily it may appear as though the s… has hit the fan!

This is a good sign! It means that you have stirred up the waters that have laid stagnant for years. It means that you are ready to transmute long held issues into something magnificent and different. It means that you are ready to master a new set of life lessons and to live differently, to experience differently, and to acknowledge the voice of your Soul that is continually calling you in the direction that is best for you to go, and is constantly sending you messages about what is NOT working in your life… otherwise if it were working you would be feeling great most of the time.

I feel it is important to recognise that a clear pool only appears clear until the mud at the bottom is stirred up. What is the mud at the bottom of the pool? It is the unconscious mind and the Ego that we hide because we want to be seen as clean and clear and ‘right’. When we stir up the clear waters we begin to uncover the motivations that have been driving us unconsciously for years, what Jung called ‘The Shadow’. And we begin to shine the light on The Shadow and it temporarily appears bigger than it is. Again, I say this is a good sign, because as we become conscious of what has been driving us from the unconscious we are shining the light into the depths of who ‘we believe’ we are, and we uncover the truth of who we ‘really are’.

What we ‘believe’ we are is so often what we are told we are by others, from a young age, through systems of family, culture, school and then later politics and establishments of workplace and business. It often becomes a battle of ‘them’ and ‘us’ because the Ego likes to feel right! It feels safer that way. But this is not who we are, which is why so often we feel like victims stuck in a world that does not see the depths of us, that is superficially calling us to look outside of the self instead of inside into the true heart of who we are.

When we start to stir the clear waters and uncover the shadow we find that there is a purity of spirit in who we really are. The Soul always seeks peace and to feel love. Simple really. But in truth, in order to uncover the peace and to feel the love we need to recognise first what is NOT peace and what is NOT love which is what is held within the shadow and the Ego.

Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that the Ego has a part to play in our lives, without it we would be blobs of flesh without much personality self. But the Ego is not meant to be in control, the Soul is the true conductor of life – if we allow it. I am also aware that as we uncover the shadow within there are also gifts that we have hidden away, abilities and talent and latent creativity that in the past we may have been told we were ‘wrong’ to have. These too are uncovered. And so this is the beginning of the journey into living authentically with Soul and with Heart. To begin with a challenge, then yes, more and more effortless until we gain mastery over these areas and begin to master others.

Love always. Sandra St.Yves

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