Be who you truly are…

“And Consciously create the life you wish to live!”

Did you know that you can consciously decide to create the life you really wish to live? You can live the life your Heart yearns to experience. You can live a life with peace, joy, and passion. You can live a life full of abundance. You can live fearlessly where life becomes exciting rather than stressful. You can clear the obstacles that have been in the way of what you want to experience and manifest in your life, and as you do this you will automatically activate a life that is more in tune with who you truly are.

Does this mean that Life will automatically become perfect? No, BUT…

Quantum-Transformations facilitates change whilst giving you the tools to live the life you desire to live on all levels of your being – tools for Life!”

During a session unconscious beliefs are identified that are held in the system that are holding you back from achieving what you want to manifest in your life. These beliefs come from social conditioning and life experiences and can be held on different levels, such as present life childhood, past life contracts or even genetic inheritance.

This is a transformation of energetic blocks, as energy is always there, so like an alchemist, transformation and transmutation is a way that I work, the clearing enables the system to become spacious and allows for more of what you want to come to you. I will then activate a new vibrational frequency, whether this is around health, money, relationship or whatever.

The ‘what’ not the ‘how’!

As we enter the space of all possibility and trust the process we begin to enter the flow and as this happens the issues that have been limiting us dissolve. They no longer have space to reside in our energy field, this is simple and the more we practice the more we become, and the more we become the more dissolves in the lighter energies of the authentic self. This activates the Self that you truly are, the Self that can manifest what they wish to experience in life.

I believe we are Co-Creators of our reality. We co-create with others in our environment. We co-create with our higher self our guides and our ancestors. We co-create with Universal Consciousness which will bring in what is required in the most beneficial way that this happens for all concerned. If we ask “How can this happen? we put a limitation upon what can occur, we block all possibility rather than opening and allowing all possibility to do the work and present the opportunities.

Clients have reported shifts in their relationships, shifts in their business, pain disappears, anxiety leaves, people start to come in to help them in their endeavours. Others find change around them in the best possible way.

But remember…

The Soul does not need to shift! It already IS what and who you are. It is consistently sending messages and is the part of you and me that ALREADY KNOWS. I want people to know that. This is not about making the Soul anything because it does not need to be made into anything. It is the Ego self that needs to be made quiet, that leads us into the detours that hurt and bring learning in a painful way. The Soul chooses not to do that, but if we do not listen then the ego takes us into dark places. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone leave my practice with the spark back in their heart and the light shining again in their eyes as they leave the darkness and again enter into the light.

Do you feel that there is definitely something more to life, but don’t know what it is or how to get it? Uncover your limiting beliefs, feel the freedom to be and live who you truly are. Contact Sandra here today!

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