messages from the soul e-course

This program integrates the psychology of self-development, spirituality and quantum mechanics in a way that is simple to understand and to apply.  It teaches you about the nature of consciousness and the Soul in terms of science and spirituality combined.  


You’ll learn how you can transform your life through reading the messages and signs that are all around you NOW.


You’ll experience transformation through energy clearings on the audios, and through simple and short meditation exercises that bring you into alignment with your true self. 


You’ll learn how to clear blocks and limitations yourself through simple practices you can do at home or in the office, enabling you to release limiting emotions and stress. 


You’ll learn simple and short meditation and breathing exercises that will connect you quickly with yourself and the Quantum Field and enable you to stay connected to yourself and your desires no matter what is going on in your life. 


This content is designed to coach you through making the changes you want to make in yourself and in your life.

e-course overview

It is important to know that you’re a being of consciousness and that you are already creating what you have in your life.  When you know this, it’s empowering because you can make changes in what you decide to create and begin to bring new experiences, more in tune with who you are, into your life. 


This e-course includes:

11 PDF course guides

Dissolve the limitations that have been holding you back from manifesting abundance in all areas of your life.

10 Audio talks for PDF guides

Connect to The Field of All Possibility that allows the abundant life to flow TO YOU!

7 Block clearing audios

Play in the Quantum-field of Energetics, Vibration and Frequency & see your life transform in all areas in a flow you've never experienced

3 Meditation audios

Use the clearings and meditations over and over again as different issues arise to be cleared from life

PLEASE NOTE: The MP3 Audio program replicates the pdf materials so that you have a choice to listen or to read.

Identify the story and change it!

Turn to a fresh page, begin writing a new story.  Who do you want to be? What are you doing?  How are you feeling?  Who are the other characters in your new story?

What is your life like NOW?


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“I believe that life is the meditation. It becomes easy to quickly yet deeply connect with who you are and to bring these practices into your waking life.”