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Do you long to uncover and live your hearts’ desire?

Have you tried self-development programs,
only to find you still feel lost, unmotivated and unsupported?


Do you jump out of bed feeling energetic and enthusiastic,
or do you dread the day?


Are you prepared to commit to yourself
and to live life on your own terms?


Do you hunger for a life that makes you feel passionate, vital and full of enthusiasm?

Do you long to uncover and live your hearts’ desire?

My work is about empowerment of the individual, and to facilitate those who come to me to have the courage to live authentically who they are at the core of their being. 


I believe this is true self-empowerment, to recognise and release the limitations and beliefs of the Conditioned Self, the Self that has lived lifetimes of being told who they are and who they ‘should’ be, and to enter into the living through the Authentic Self, living life on purpose with enthusiasm, passion and the courage of the open heart.


Jessie Hill,
Film Maker

To fully describe what is so special about Sandra and the work she does is much like trying to describe the indescribable

Kim Serafini,
Author & CEO

EVERYONE will benefit in unforeseen ways by being in her company and experiencing her magic. Her intuition and intellect are out of the ordinary!

Hoda Fadel,
Bio-Healing Artistry

Sandra's help never stops when the clock ticks and the session ends, her invigorating in-sights and compassion vibrate in your heart and being long after you leave.