Ageless Ageing

The Quantum Way

The divine feminine and ascension

Format: Recorded Live Webinar Workshops with Q&A

Seven 90 minute webinar group sessions that deliver releasing of toxic emotions, energetic blocks and activate the integration of higher frequencies and Accelerated Ascension. Quantum-Transformations to release limitations throughout session. Frequency lifts throughout sessions.

Activate ageless ageing the quantum way

This programme will nourish and tone your entire hormonal system, clear physical, psychic and emotional toxins and activate Ageless Ageing the Quantum way.


These webinars are designed to be fun whilst being extremely effective!


Throughout the sessions we release through Quantum-Transformations blocks, fears and limitations that are holding you back from being all that you are here to be!


We’ll be playing within the Quantum Field to Transform and Transmute old energies that have been stuck within your morphogenetic field and to activate the flow of higher frequencies that are waiting to be accepted into your Field to completely embody your Higher Self. Releasing genetic blocks, clearing and activation of dormant DNA.


e-course price €199  NOW ONLY €99

“Quantum transformations dynamically opens up new possibility, presents opportunity for change, relieves emotional, mental and physical pain.”